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Scholarships Available for African American Students

From: [name deleted for privacy] Sent: Tuesday, June 24, 2003 12:03 PM To:

For all you parents out there...

Pass this scholarship information on to anyone and everyone that comes to mind. I was heartbroken to find that, though there are a number of companies and organizations that have donated monies for scholarship use to African Americans, a great deal of the money is being returned because of a lack of interest. AFRICAN AMERICAN STUDENTS ARE NOT APPLYING FOR SCHOLARSHIPS!

PARENTS, HEADS UP! No one is going to knock on our doors and ask if we can use a scholarship. Take the initiative to get your children involved. There is no need for money to be returned to donating companies because we fail to apply for it.

Please pass this information on to family members, nieces, nephews, friends with children etc. We must get the word out that money is available. If you are a college student or getting ready to become one, you probably already know how useful additional money can be.

Pass this info on Please! Our youth really could use these scholarships.


  2. The Ron Brown Scholar Program - awarding college scholarships to outstanding African American students
  3. American Institute of Certified Public Accountants Scholarships for Minority Accounting Students
  4. Gates Millennium Scholarships - for under-represented minorities in the disciplines of education, engineering, library science, mathematics, public health, and the sciences
  5. National Assoc. of Black Journalists Scholarships
  6. Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund
  7. Verne LaMarr Lyons Memorial Social Work Graduate Student Scholarship - awarded to a master's degree candidate in social work who has a commitment to health/mental health practice in African American communities.
  8. Microsoft Careers Scholarships
  9. The Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarships
  10. Congressional BLack Caucus Foundation Scholarships
  11. Jacki Tuckfield Memorial Graduate Business Scholarship (for AA students in South Florida)
  12. Development Fund for Black Students in Science and Technology Scholarships
  13. Actuarial Scholarships for Minority Students
  14. National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering Scholarships
  15. American Geological Institute Geoscience Student Scholarships
  16. US Air Force ROTC Scholarships
  17. Veterans Make Great STEM Teachers Scholarship - Veterans who are currently enrolled as students pursuing either an undergraduate or graduate degree as a Technology and Engineering teacher are encouraged to apply
  18. National Medical Fellowships: General Scholarships and Awards
  19. Visine Students with Vision Scholarship Program
  20. National Hispanic Health Professional Student Scholarship Program
  21. American Psychological Association Scholarships, Grants and Awards
  22. UNCF / Merck Science Initiative Scholarships
  23. HomeAdvisor Green Home Improvement Scholarship
  24. National Society of High School Scholars Foundation Scholarships
  25. Rover College Scholarship
  26. AFLCIO Union Plus Scholarship Program
  27. Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation
  28. State Farm Grants and Scholarships
  29. Student Inventors Scholarships
  30. Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults - helping young adults continue their education after being affected by cancer through their own diagnosis or the diagnosis of a loved one
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  1. Student Financial Aid Search Engine on - find grants, loans, fellowships and scholarships filtered by State, Ethnicity, School Level and other criteria
  2. FAFSA On The Web (Your Key Aid Form & Info)
  3. Aid & Resources For Re-Entry Students
  4. Black Excel: Scholarship & Financial Aid Help
  5. Scholarships and Grants for African-American Students -
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