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Chinese Imperial Era Non-Fiction Work on the Topic of Homoeroticism

Given the prominence of homoerotic relationships in both Chinese literary fiction and historical records from the Imperial era, it is not surprising that Imperial era scholars have written non-fiction works specifically dedicated to the topic of homosexuality. A few of these are listed below:

《龙阳逸史》 Accounts of the Leisure World of Longyang

《龙阳逸史》 was published in 1632 (Qing Dynasty). Its subject matter is the homosexual social scene at the end of the previous dynasty (Ming).1 The once-banned book describes the lives of male prostitutes in vivid detail.2

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《情外类》 is the chapter in 《情史》 The History of Passion exclusively dedicated to male-male relations. 《情史》 is a collection of stories about lust and love from ages past. It was compiled by 明代著名文学家冯梦龙 Feng Menglong, a famous author from the Ming Dynasty . 《情史》 is also known as 《情史类略》 or 《情天宝鉴》.1 Its content is drawn from both historical and fictional sources. The men listed in 《情外类》 include both commoners and nobles. Some well-known examples are Lord Anling, Lord Longyang, and Dongxian - famous male favorites of old.

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《断袖篇》 The Broken Sleeve Essay

《断袖篇》 is part of the 《香艳丛书》 Fragrant and Bright-colored Series. 《香艳丛书》 is a sex encyclopedia of 335 subjects compiled by 张廷华(知虫天子) Zhang Tinghua (alias Zhicong Tianzi) of the Qing era. The series comprises of 28 volumes and 80 chapters. Article 198 in Volume 9 is "The Broken Sleeve Essay", which lists 50 or so famous homosexual affairs/individuals from Chinese history.1

Examples include 邓通 Deng Tong, a male favorite of the Han Dynasty; 向魋 Xiang Tui, a male favorite of 宋恒公 King Heng of Song State; and the affair between 襄城君 the Lord of Xiang City and one of his retainers.2
  1. 《香艳丛书》(国学产品专区)
  2. 探密:古代同性恋男宠的最初记载

《咏怀诗》第三首 Poems of Rememberance - #12

《咏怀诗》 is a collection of poems written by the famous Three Kingdoms-era poet. 阮籍 Ruan Ji (210-263 A.D.). The poems recall the romance of an earlier time, the Warring States Era.(475-221 B.C.) 1 The third poem of the series is dedicated to the praise of the homosexual favorites of old - Lord Long Yang and Lord Anling2:








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