Why the need for Color Club?

ColorQ's Color Club Page features stories of unions between of peoples of color. Liaisons between whites and other races are already featured in mainstream Western media. Scant attention is given to relations between non-white peoples. 

If you do a web search on interracial marriage, almost all the articles returned focus on intermarriage between whites and people of color, with almost no articles about intermarriage between people of color. The racial and sexual bias of some articles is also reflected in many articles' narrow focus on white man-woman of color relations. 

Although relations between whites and non-whites are important and certainly warrant media attention, the racial dynamics between various non-white groups are just as important for peace in the USA and the world. ColorQ wants to help negate this deficiency by dedicating a web page solely to stories of interactions between non-European peoples.

Current content features the history of mixed peoples. We will also include personal stories of individual "mutts" and other stories of interest if we receive submissions from contributors.

If you are interested in adding your experience and knowledge to this page, we would love to hear from you! Our content is only as rich and diverse as our contributors.


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