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ColorQ's AfroAsian Gallery

Books About African/Asian Relationships

Books about interactions between Asia/Asians abroad and Africa/the African diaspora

The African American Encounter with Japan and China: Black Internationalism in Asia, 1895-1945

A look at the success and failures of African American internationalism in building coalitions with East Asian nations.

African Elites in India: Habshi Amarat

Glimpses of the African presence in Old India through art and architecture.

Africans in India: From Slavery to Royalty

A history of the Siddhis from the 17th century to the 20th century.

African Perspectives on China in Africa

China's trade links with Africa go back to at least the 14th century, but as China expands its influence in Africa through commerce, aid, development and political intervention in the 20th century onward, African scholars express a variety of views on the pros and cons of Chinese involvement. Symbiosis or exploitation? Hear it not from the mouths of Western commentators but from Africans themselves.

Afro Asia: Revolutionary Political and Cultural Connections between African Americans and Asian Americans

A compilation of essays examining various connections between African American and Asian American comunities.

AfroAsian Encounters: Culture, History, Politics

An anthology exploring the interactions between African and Asian diasporas in the Americas.

Bitter Fruit: The Politics of Black-Korean Conflict in New York City

An exploration of the tensions between blacks and Koreans in the U.S.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon?: Africa and China

Editors Kweku Ampiah and Sanusha Naidu brought together nine detailed country case studies from African scholars about China's growing economic influence in Africa.

The Dynamics of Japan's Relations with Africa: South Africa, Tanzania and Nigeria

Kweku Ampiah analyzes Japan's political, economic and diplomatic relations with sub-Saharan Africa from 1974 to the 1990s, examining how Japan's dependence on South African raw materials compromised its stance against apartheid.

The End of Empires: African Americans and India

An examination of cross pollination between social movements in India and the United States, such as MLK's adoptiong of Ghandhi's techniques, and Indians taking inspiration from the U.S. civil rights struggle.

Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting: Afro-Asian Connections and the Myth of Cultural Purity

Historian Vijay Prashad's book examines the diffusion of ideas between African diasporic and Asian social movements.

India in Africa, Africa in India: Indian Ocean Cosmopolitanisms

This book delves into the long history of East Africans of South Asian descent living in Africa and Indians of African descent living in Asia.

Japan and Africa: Big Business and Diplomacy

Jun Morikawa examines Japan's foreign policies in the developing world, with regards to the history of Japan's relationship with Africa.

Harnessing the Trade Winds:The Story of the Centuries-Old Indian Trade with East Africa, using the Monsoon Winds

Blanche D'Souza researches the history of trade between India and East Africa, which goes back to at least 3000 B.C.

New Homelands: Hindu Communities in Mauritius, Guyana, Trinidad, South Africa, Fiji, and East Africa

Following the abolition of the transatlantic slave trade, the British replaced African labor with Indian coolies, resulting in Indian immigration to Africa and the West Indies...

Books with black-and-Asian interpersonal relationships

Night in Shanghai

Nicole Mones’ novel, set during the Japanese invasion of China, is the story of Thomas Greene, an African American pianist working in Shanghai as a jazz band leader, and Song Yuhua, a bondservant who serves as a crime lord's translator. These two individuals in very different circumstances - Greene, whose talent Shanghai was rewarded with the opportunity, success and recognition unavailable to him in the US; and Song, an educated woman sold into bondage, fall in love as the city descends into the chaos of WWII.


In this fantasy romance by D. Renee Bagby, black college student Adrienne is unexpectedly spirited away from her campus by Malik, a king from another dimension. Malik is the ruler of Ulan, an Asian-inspired kingdom on the planet Bron. He believes Adrienne is his destined queen, but Adrienne does not want to be part of the strange world of Bron, where magic is the norm and the customs are alien to her. However, the longer Adrienne stays in Bron, the more her attitude towards the new land (and her unwanted betrothed) change...

The Alpha Promise

While in London, black American expatriate Adina Carr goes to the aid of an Asian boy in trouble. Young Jin turns out to be a vampire prince on the run from a rebel vampire faction. By helping Jin, Adina is unwittingly swept into the vampires' civil war, and finds herself falling in love in spite of the danger surrounding her and Jin.

BlAsian Exchanges

Filipino American writer Sam Cacas' first novel explores relationships between Asian men and black women. For more information see: AsianWeek's interview with Sam CacasSam Cacas' BlAsian Exchanges Blog

Color Blind: Loving Jiro and Lakota Anthology

Jordyn Tracey's anthology of two romances pairs black heroines with an Asian male and a Native American male. In "Loving Jiro", community college teacher Kiara is courted by Jiro, a Japanese man. Despite her attraction to him, Kiara has doubts about the relationship. Aside from cultural clashes over the dynamics between men and women, Jiro's violent background may prove a sticking point for Kiara, who wishes to avoid repeating her experiences from a previous abusive relationship. Can she trust Jiro's promises?

Cornbread and Dim Sum

In this memoir, Jacqueline Annette Sue, an African American woman, recounts her romance with her Chinese American coworker Frank Sue in 1960s San Francisco. Culturaltensions threatened their relationship, but their marriage endured for 4 decades until Frank's death.

For more information, see Review by Bill McDonald, President of The American Authors' Association.


"Mahogany Carroll is a unrepentant cougar; Jordan Yoshito is a precocious cub... the relationship they enter is supposed to be no more than temporary. But people have a way of leaving their mark on one another long after encounters have ceased, and these two are no exception."

For more information, see The Origins of 'Corruption' by author Amaya Radjani.

Cousins of Color

Based on the life of David Fagen, Cousins of Color is a work of historical fiction set during the Philippine-American War. Fagen, an African American private serving in the Philippines, is torn between loyalty to his country and his conscience's distaste for the American occupation and oppression of another nation. Persuaded by his sympathy for the locals and his love for a Filipina freedom fighter, Fagen defects to the Filipino guerillas and becomes a guerilla leader... Official Site

Cutting for Stone

The narrative voice in this novel belongs to Marion Stone, a British-Indian Eurasian born in Ethiopia and raised by Indian expatriate parents, both doctors. Marion, his twin Shiva, and their childhood playmate Genet share a close but complex relationship. As the children grown into teenageers, Marion falls deeply in love with Genet, the daughter of his family's Eritrean maid, but the proud, willful and beautiful Genet has plans of her own...

A Drummer's Beat to Mend

The hero of Kei Swanson's interracial romance is Tetsuro, a taiko performer from Japan. Tetsuro accidentally injures his hand while on tour in the U.S. This potentially career-stopping event brings him into the care of Dr Stafford, a talented African American surgeon. Tetsuro and his lady doctor develop an unlikely attraction, but will Dr Stafford's stagnant relationship with another doctor get in the way of new romance?

Ebony Eyes

Another Japanese man/Black woman romance by Kei Swanson (who is white). Undercover detective Laine Tanizaki rescues Corie Rickman, a bookstore owner, from a thug. Neither Corie nor Laine is who the other thinks s/he is. To Corie, daughter of a prominent African American family, Laine is merely a fastfood restaurant worker. On his part, Laine starts to care for Corie while being unaware of her past connection to the crime ring that he is trying to bust.

The Frog Scientist

"The Frog Scientist" is non-fiction literature (for Grades 5-8) about renowned biologist and herpetologist Dr Tyrone Hayes. The book includes photos of his wife Kathy Kim and their children. Kim, whose relationship with Dr Hayes goes back to his Harvard undergraduate days, was instrumental to his success. Kathy's faith in him kept him going at a time when he doubted himself and wanted to drop out of college. Tyrone not only graduated from Harvard, but went on to get his PhD from Berkeley, where he is now a professor leading an ethnically diverse research team.

Honey Flava

An America anthology of erotica with some Asian man/black woman couples.

How I Became a Black Man And Other Metamorphoses

This partially-autobiographical collection of eight short stories by Irvin Tang explores the negotiation of social identity by a native-born Texan who also happens to be Chinese American. A minority even among other minorities, Tang mhad his share of childhood experiences with racism. For more on Irvin Tang and his work, see: Skip the Fortune Cookies, Please - Interview with SACurrent.

J-Pop Love Song

A BWAM intergenerational romance by Shiree McCarver: Charlene, a 41 year old black American novelist, meets younger J-pop star Kane during a movie project. Kane begins to pursue the older woman, but will their age difference, the machinations of Kane's manager and Charlene's memory of her late Japanese husband derail their relationship?

Let's Get It On (Love Spectrum Romance)

AN international romance between Heaven, a black American career woman, and Hamid, a Pakistani doctor. After overcoming the stereotypes they held about each other, the two marry, but Hamid has family obligations in Pakistan and only sees his wife a few times a year. Heaven, firmly committed to her career in the U.S., does not wish to relocate to Pakistan. Will this long distance relationship fall apart, or can the couple find a way to meet each other's needs and still be true to themselves?

Nairobi To Shenzhen: a Novel of Love in the East

In this semi-autobiographical novel by Mark Obama Ndesandjo, the protagonist David, who spent his childhood in Nairobi and his young adult life in the U.S., moves to China after 9/11. There, he forms a bond with a young orphan and finds love with a Chinese woman.

No Ordinary Love

In Angela Weaver's action-meets-romance, Alex, a former soldier-turned-schoolteacher, meets Xian, the father of one of her students. The African American teacher and Chinese businessman bond over one thing they share - a history of losing those they love. When Xian's son is kidnapped, father and teacher join forces to recover the boy...

Olu's Dream

In this children's book, A young boy Olu becomes a superhero in his dreams, embarking on a series of whimsical adventures. Olu's father is African and his mother is Asian.

Snow Crash

Hiro, the swordsman/computer hacker hero of Neal Stephenson's influential cyberpunk novel, is of African and Asian descent. His mother is an ethnic Korean from Japan; his father is an African American who served in the Pacific during WW2. After Hiro's father passed away, Hiro resettled his mother comfortably in Korea, even if it meant putting himself under financial strain. Through the diverse jobs he takes on to make ends meet, Hiro uncovers a bizarre infocalypse plot by a globally-powerful Texas tycoon. Our blasian hero races against time to save both the cyber world and the real world from a virus that could 'crash' them both.

Two Mrs. Gibsons

In this children's book by Toyomi Igus, a young girl honors her Japanese mother and her African American grandmother.

Wild Wishes

Wild Wishes is a collection of 3 IR romances involving black heroines. In "Happy Effin Valentine", the heroine Effin has a record of poor luck with romance. After a date gone awry, a depressed Effin comes across a friendly cat. The cat turns out to be Masa, a Japanese man who has been placed under a curse. Will Effin be the key to lifting Masa's curse? And can Masa end Effin's streak of bad luck in love?

The Years of Rice and Salt

Kim Stanley Robinson's sweeping alternate history spanning 4 continents consists of 10 stories, all of which feature multiple interracial friendships between non-Europeans. Book 1 is centered on the relationship between an aging Mongol warrior and an East African boy, both sold into bondage in China. Bold, although the older of the two, is strung along on the adventures of the intelligent, charismatic and handsome Kyu, who wishes to assassinate the Emperor.

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