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Randy and Will - firm friends

Many people believe the stereotype: "Asians strongly dislike blacks". However, it is not true. I'm African-American man. One of my best friends is a Chinese-American man. We have been friends for about 6 years and have never had any problems. He has always been one of the nicest and most supportive friends I that have. His name is Will.

Will is an avid church-going Christian. He and I became friends when other people would not befriend me simply because of my ethnic background. Will knew that I had not had it easy when it came to socializing, but he took me to his home, introduced me to his family and friends, and became my brother. Will and I spent a lot of time together. We used to take road trips to LA, just hangout and have lunch together, share our favorite music with each other, go clubbing and give each other advice on relationships. We even used to trade cars.

As we grew older, our lives moved in different directions. Will moved to LA to further his education, and I moved home to do the same. Years went by without contact, but our paths crossed again. We were both happy to be back in touch with each other and are planning on meeting up someday in the future to reconnect. Will is one of the best friends that I have ever had and I love him.

I want to share our story so that others can see that having friends from different ethnic backgrounds is a great experience and can be beneficial. If others see a pattern, they may follow it and this could help to ease racial tensions.

Randy, May 2005