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Pet Sins October 2000

Batman Beyond

This WB cartoon series began airing in 1999. Batman Beyond starts when Terry McGinnis, a white high school student, dons the mask under the tutelege of retired original Batman Bruce Wayne. This cartoon series seeks to appeal to children with its high school setting.

Terry's girlfriend is Dana Tan, a slanty-eyed Oriental girl. One must ask, of all the women in the world, why must it be an Asian female chosen to be paired with a white guy? Other types of interracial couples are not represented as much in cartoons. This follows the trend of adult-oriented American media, which popularly feature the Asian-woman-white-man combination. Considering how children identify with their screen heroes, young white boys may get the idea it is cool and hip to have an Asian girlfriend.

While there is nothing wrong with interracial dating in itself, choosing a significant other with race as a determining factor is a dubious way of starting relationships. Racial "ideals" are apparently being promoted to younger audiences.