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Pet Sins November 2000

Mexican American wrongly detained

In San Franscisco there are a lot of people of Mexican or South and Central American descent. These people's rights are violated on a regular basis. They are often stopped and checked by police to make sure that they are not 'illegal immigrants' or 'criminals'.

My friend's brother was stopped in L.A. when he was walking down the street with his little sister. The cops said that he fit a description of a man who had stolen something. They roughly took him to the police station and I believe kept him there overnight. He is Mexican American. I believe that this would never happen to a Caucasian American. I think anyone who is not white anywhere in the States has to deal with these kinds of problems -- being considered a foreigner. The INS has a particularly frightening power. People live in fear of this group that busts their way into people's homes.