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Pet Sins June 2000

Dragon Fight

Dragon Fight is a 1988 action movie directed by Billy Tang. The Mandarin title is Long Zai Tian Ya (Dragon at the end of the world). Li Lianjie (Jet Li), Zhou Xingchi (Stephen Chow), Nina Li Zhi and Dick Wei stars.


A martial arts performance troupe from China travels to the United States. Troupe member Dick Wei decides to abandon the troupe and stay illegally in the US. He murders a cop and fellow troupe member Jet Li ends up being arrested for the murder. Jet Li escapes police custody and takes shelter with one of his fans, Stephen Chow. In the meantime, Dick Wei begins working for a Chinese organized crime boss who keeps a mistress played by Li Zhi.

Almost all the European American women in the movie are sluts. Li Zhi's sugar daddy brings a white woman home for sex and invites Li Zhi to watch. In one scene, Stephen Chow propositions a European American female jogger, who stops and waits as he tries to flex his muscles. Unimpressed, she takes off. (as if European American women are looking for a good lay at any time of the day) In another scene, Stephen Chow is walking down an alley when he is suddenly joined by another European American lady who starts clinging to his arm. All the while, he is "educating" Jet Li on what he thinks are unChinese aspects of the American lifestyle. Flirting and casual sex are presented as such curiosities, along with the need to own a car.

The East Asian stereotype of European American women as easy sluts is a reflection of male fantasies instead of actual women's behavior.