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Pet Sins July 2000

The irony of Asian preference for white over black

I have just finished reading Fallout of the White-Yellow Love Fest on how Asians intermarry with Whites at a higher rate than any other ethnic group in the United States. This month's e-zine was very enlightening indeed. I submitted an article to you earlier regarding an incident I, an African-American, had with an Asian friend of mine and his family.

I find it so ironic that many Asians (not all) intermarry European-Americans as a status symbol rather than for love, while snubbing their noses at other ethnic minority groups, especially Blacks, seeing Blacks as inferior to Whites. I often tell some other African-American friends of mine that it's really sad how many Asians would allow their children to marry Asian, White, or Asian-White spouses but threaten to kill them or worse if they dated a Black person.

I tell my friends that Whites, years ago, used to lynch Asians as well as Blacks. It was Whites who interned innocent Japanese-American civilians in internment camps during WWII, not German-Americans or Italian-Americans. It was Whites who nuked Japan. It was Whites who declared a senseless war in Korea. It was Whites who practically destroyed Vietnam and introduced Agent Orange on Vietnamese civilians and American soldiers. Wasn't it the British that tried to get many Chinese citizens addicted to opium? And now our current, majority White, government will try to start a war with North Korea. With all of this, you would think that Asians would greet Blacks, Latinos and Native-Americans with open arms? But then again, majority of Asians don't really know or care to understand America's racist, murderous past towards ALL people of color...not just Blacks. Please continue with Pet Sins e-zine, it's a step towards a cure for this "illness" that infects many people in American society.

Sophy D.