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Pet Sins August 2000

Rival Schools

Rival Schools is a fighting video game by Capcom in which students from various school sports teams beat each other up with their sports skills and exercise equipment.


Some awesome female characters. You can pair characters to fight as a team. Some characters have "healing" properties and can transfer energy to their partners. One of the female characters hugs and kisses whoever she is paired with regardless of gender.


The game is, as many other video games, full of national/ethnic stereotypes when if comes to non-Japanese characters. There is the Brazilian soccer player, the African American preacher, and the European American cheerleader.

While the first 2 characters are not egregiously offensive, the third is an eyesore. The European American cheerleader is scantily clad, with oversized breasts. She is, if I am not mistaken, the only female character in the game with animated "breast bounce". When she used is part of a team, her "energy transfer" move is the hug and kiss her teammate. No other character does that. She embodies the stereotype of the casually affectionate, over-sexified European-descent female.