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Pet Sins November 2001

The visibility of your rights: local media ignores Chinese American human rights demonstration

Seattle Chinese and other concerned persons organized a demonstration in support of the Chinese victims of vicious gang-rape-murders in Indonesia. I called and mailed and faxed the local media to get them to show up. A couple of TV stations did. But they never aired it. Instead, there was news about some kids learning to make duck calls.

We were disappointed. We needed the news coverage to let more people know of the human righs violations. It should have been newsworthy. There are few demonstrations in Seattle outside the "gay ghetto" and other "alternative" areas. This demonstration was downtown in a mall. It should have made a difference.

My friend (not in the US) watches Eurovision and according to her, the coverage of international issues like human rights abuses in Africa is far better. The coverage of international issues in some Asian TV stations/newspapers is much higher too.

Chinese professional

Comment from 'OCA (Organization for Chinese Americans) member, East Coast'
You're telling me! It's the same over here! The local Chinese organizations had a vigil for the victims of racial violence in Indonesia. They spent a lot of time calling the newspapers and TV stations. Nobody from the media showed up.