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Pet Sins December 2001

Different Interracial Dating Patterns for Asian men and women?

I was reading the Asianweek article The Minority Interracial Couples. The article quotes statistics on the 1990 census for the state of California. It proposes that Asians who marry interracially prefer white.

I did a little quick calculation with the stats provided, and found that most Asians who married interracially married whites. But there were other noteworthy numbers:

  • For every 10 Asian women who marry interracially, 9 Asian men marry interracially. So the idea of interracial marriage being an Asian woman thing is apparently a myth, at least for California in 1990.
  • But the difference is in who they marry. About one out of 4 Asian men who marries a non-Asian marries another person of color. Only about one out of 11 Asian women who marries a non-Asian marries another person of color.

This means that Asian men in California are marrying non-white non-Asians at a far higher rate than Asian women are marrying non-white Asians. One could conclude that a higher percentage of Asian women prefer white partners compared to Asian men.

There are many speculations for this trend. One could be that white society accepts Asian women more readily than Asian men. But while this explains why there are more Asian women married to whites compared to Asian men married to whites, it does not directly explain why there are more Asian men married to non-white non-Asians compared to Asian women married to non-white non-Asians. Another explanation is there are more racist Asian women than racist Asian men. Given the same opportunities as Asian men to meet and date both white and non-white non-Asians, Asian women still prefer white partners more than Asian men do. Who knows? It could be the combination of both or more factors.