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Pet Sins February 2001

Gender stereotyping from childhood: Toys 'R' Us reorganized into Boys and Girls sections

Toys 'R' Us, the self-proclaimed "Worldwide Authority on Families" has reorganized its 700 stores into two "worlds." Your child has a choice of either: "Girl's World: Barbie, Baby dolls, Play Kitchens, Housekeeping Toys, Girl's Dress-up, Jewelry, Cosmetics and Bath & Body." OR "Boy's World: Action Figures, Sports Collectibles, Cars and Trucks, Boy's Role Play (includes Firefighter Set, Army Officer), Tools, Walkie Talkies".

The signs, the pink-vs.-dark colors and the product groupings leave kids with no doubt as to their futures. Men drive around and do exciting things, usually outdoors. Women cook, clean, do all the parenting-and look pretty. It's a wonder our paths ever cross long enough for the children to be conceived!

Let our kids pick their own toys, without being told by a toy store which world they belong in. Our 3-year-old daughter loves to build things with her set of tools. Our neighbor's 3-year-old boy is kind and loving to a doll. According to Toys R Us, they're living on the wrong planets.

Tell Toys R Us to change the signs AND the color schemes AND to treat kids like kids, not as stereotypes-in-training.

Tell them via email at "Contact us" at http://www.Toysrus.com, call the comment line at 1-888-869-7932 (ask for the executive floor, or John B. or Mike Shannon) and/or mail a letter to Toys R Us Guest Relations, 155 Tice Blvd, Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07675

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