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Pet Sins September 2001

Forbidden Fruits

This 2006 independent film by African American director and Detroit native Marc Cayce is a love story centered on the relationships between a group of African Americans and Chaldean American friends living in Detriot, Michigan in Post-9/11 America.

Considered by some Detrioters to be a local version of the critically acclaim LA-based film Crash, Forbidden Fruits takes a Romeo and Juliet approach to love. African American student Nicole meets Abe, a Chaldean American, who is mistaken for an Arab at their university after class one day. Both fall in love with one another at first sight. Their relationship would seem harmless to their families and friends if it was not for the racial tensions between Chaldeans and African Americans.

While Abe and Nicole try to build a relationship, their friends and families clash stubbornly. African Americans cling to stereotypes and misconceptions about Chaldeans being Arabs, greedy business people while Chaldeans blame blame African American men for taking Chaldean women away from Chaldean men, referring to blacks as 'Abd' (Arabic for 'slave').

The dynamics between Nicole and Abe’s families and friends are also explored outside the tension that drives their constant confrontations. Despite the clashes, Abe and Nicole's relationship grows stronger...