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Pet Sins November 2002

Myth: 'Sexual Compatibility' spurs gender gap in 'yellow race' out-marriage

There is a stereotype that yellow (Mongoloid) men have smaller sexual organs than white (Caucasoid) men. This 'fact' is often quoted to explain why East Asian women marry white men at a much higher rate than their male counterparts marry white women. This trend is justified by 'White men can give yellow women greater sexual satisfaction, and yellow women with their narrower vaginas can give white men greater sexual satisfaction, but the reverse pairing - yellow man/white women, does not result in the same tight squeeze.'

Why are we supposedly "thinking", "polite" people talking about this stupid topic which is "vulgar" and "not worth a mention"? Because a lot of people have these ideas but they are afraid to talk about them, hence the racism and bigotry behind these ideas remain unchallenged. We may not want to talk about these ridiculous views, but that doesn't mean we don't believe them. So we will spend time talking about the ridiculous instead of sweeping it under the carpet because this ridiculousness has had a negative impact on the lives of yellow men long enough.

A) Now let's assume for the sake of argument that this stupid stereotype about yellow men's penis size is relevant in non-Asian's interracial dating choices

1) Excuse goes "poof" when you bring black men and other non-white men into the picture

Some East Asian women who date white men say they prefer white men because of white men's bigger penises. But when asked why they don't date black men, who, according to stereotypes, have even bigger penises, they are either stricken with silence, or say flat out they won't consider dating black men because of their own racism or the racism of their families.

If stereotypes of penis size is such a big deal to yellow women, then black men should be the most desirable, not white men. Assuming that the "fair" standard to judge men is penis size, the fact that yellow women are disproportionately with white men compared to black men, even taking into account black-white population ratios, shows the white skin color is still preferable over larger penises. This means that yellow women are racist, and contradicts the idea that yellow women prefer big penises. "Big penis" is just an excuse to date white men over yellow men. But when presented with black men, penis size suddenly does NOT matter to yellow women.

The discrepancy is even greater when you bring in hordes of other non-Mongoloid men, e.g. non-white Caucasians like Arabs, Indians etc. You don't see yellow women chasing after them in droves.

2) Stereotype falls flat when you bring non-Asian Mongoloid men into the picture

If smaller penis size is a "natural" characteristic of the Mongoloid type, then why do other "yellow" types like the Native American and the Pacific Islander not tarred with the same stereotype? They are Mongoloid like East Asians and Southeast Asians. But in contrast, Native American and Pacific Islander men are typed as virile warriors and hunters by white media. Of course size of sexual organs has nothing to do with virility, but white men and black men who put down Mongoloid Asian men always correlate the two. If this has any "biological fact", then all Mongoloids should be typed the same by popular perception, but they are not.

Penis-size does not matter, say non-yellow women!

White woman: actually guys with smaller penises are better in bed because they make more effort to please you. Guys with big penises think all they have to do is be big. Black woman: I like Asian guys because they are more considerate of my pleasure in bed. And size does not matter when it comes to Asian guys!

B) Now let's assume for the sake of argument that this stupid stereotype about yellow women's tight vaginas is relevant in non-Asian's interracial dating choices:

1) If tightness is so important to you, you can a) Get a short white woman, b) Buy a toy c) Get a man.

Men all over the world have long boasted about being tighter than women and being able to provide better sex for other men. If none of these options appeal to you, then perhaps "tight orifices" are not that important to you after all. Or is it something else about yellow women that you want?

2) Can the desire for "young-looking", "tight", and small-framed Asian women actually be displaced pedophilia? White woman: I have a brother who is 6'2", and the disturbing thing about him is he dates only waifish women who are about 5 feet tall. I always wonder why he doesn't date taller women. I can't help thinking he has a kind of latent desire for young girls.

Filipina woman: there are a lot of white tourists in the Philippines who go there because the women look like children, by white standards. They grope women, even those who are not sex workers, in public places. It is very disgusting. They can have sex with women who look like children over there because it is legal since the women are actually adults. C) How did these stupid stereotypes come about?

Generally smaller people will have smaller sexual organs, and smaller brains. Americans like to compare short East Asian men against tall men of West African and European descent. But what about comparing Pacific Islanders (who, like East Asians, are Mongoloid) against short Africans or Europeans?

The modern American stereotype of Asians having small penises sounds suspiciously like the past stereotype of blacks having smaller brains. A racist white American physician deliberately stacked his "research samples" with tall Europeans and short people of color to achieve the "statistics" of people of color having smaller cranium sizes than Europeans. For how the "racial brain size difference" theory has been debunked, see Alleged Differences in Brain Size between the Races.

But just as smaller brains don't necessarily correlate with intelligence (the dinosaurs had far bigger brains than humans - the question is in body size vs. brain size), smaller sexual organs don't necessarily correlate with performance.

Non-yellow men have deliberately perpetuated stereotypes against yellow men, and we do it everyday in all areas of life, if not openly, subtly. I suspect that when we compare a yellow man and a black/white man of the same height, the allegedly racial physical differences will be minimal.