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Pet Sins July 2002

Filipino male sexually harasses black female coworkers but respects white females

This incident is from a very small U.S. Southern town: I know a Filipino doctor who targets African-American female co-workers for his sexual advances. He has tried to fondle, grope, and kiss almost every African-American female employee in the workplace. New and younger employees get targeted in particular. He can hardly hold a conversation with an African-American female employee without sexual innuendo, a neck massage, or the words "honey" or "sweetheart".

However, all the White female employees are treated with utmost respect. To date, I have never heard of a White female employee being talked down to or harassed sexually in any way. If he has any interest in one, he respectfully asks her out on a date. He has had, and still has, sexual relationships with many African-American female co-workers at the workplace.

My sister worked with him once; being a young, Black, attractive female just out of high school, she caught his attention immediately. He only got as far as one attempted inappropriate touch, when she immediately let him know that she was well aware of his reputation and to never attempt to touch her again. Her exact words: "You WILL respect me. You will NOT treat me like the rest of the Black women here."

For the rest of her time spent there, she was treated with extreme hostility by this doctor. Whenever he had to speak to her, it was in a very hateful tone of voice. But he never touched her again.