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Pet Sins January 2005

Latinos/Asian relations in better state than Black/Asian relations?

On occasion, I've had the opportunity to talk to some Chinese associates about race. I've noticed that generally, they seem to hold Latinos in higher esteem than they do Blacks. For example, Y is a Chinese American whose family employed Mexican workers in their restaurant. She views the Mexicans as hardworking people, immigrants like her own family who just want to build a better life for their relatives back home. Y doesn't identify with blacks in the same manner, though. As far as she's concerned, they're in general a lazy people with a high propensity for criminal activity.

I also met a couple from China who lived in a Mexican neighborhood in California. They said they had no problems with their neighbors, and that they felt safe and comfortable there. However, they were fearful of black neighborhoods which they associated with bad schools and unsafe streets. Then there was Z, a Chinese gay guy who is attracted to Whites, Latinos (both mestizo and indigenous) and Asians, but never to Blacks. He said so himself.

So this gives me the impression that Latinos/Asian relations may be in better state than Black/Asian relations, but I'd like to hear Latino perspectives too. I have certainly heard of cases of Latinos and Asians not getting along, but they seem to be less frequent than Black-Asian conflicts.