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Pet Sins November 2005

Whites prefer to adopt Asians instead of blacks?

A white lesbian couple planning to adopt a baby said they have nothing against black children, but expressed concern that a big difference in skin color might cause the child to look out of place with his/her parents. They specifically wanted an Asian child, because the 'skin color is closer'. They eventually adopted a brown-skinned South Asian baby. I wonder if a brown child really 'blends in' that much better with white parents, if the color difference is what they are concerned about, as they claimed. Whether the child is black or Asian, one look at the family is going to tell you the child is adopted anyway, so if they're worried about social reactions to adoptive families, I don't know if having an Asian child vs a black child will make that much of a difference.

I don't want to speculate on their 'racial' motivations - after all, I can't read minds. But they said they don't mind having a black child, and then yet they go through all this trouble seeking a non-black child of a specific race... I dunno. It just sounds strange to me. I don't understand.

And many white Americans prefer to go overseas to adopt Asian babies instead of adopting local children. I don't know their motivations, and different people have different reasons for adopting internationally, many of which are practical issues that have nothing to do with race. But I think racial reasons motivate at least some of them.I've heard an Asian American man whisper conspiratorially to someone who was planning to adopt a child domestically: "If you adopt domestically, you'll probably end up with a black child."