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Pet Sins March 2005

Die Another Day

I can't pretend Die Another Day is not a thoroughly racist movie, given the obvious implications of the story:

2 Korean bad guys have in their possession a machine that could change their DNA and physical appearance. Guess what they decide to do with it - change themselves into white guys! That's not quite enough. One of them, Colonel Moon, reinvents himself as "Gustav Graves", a swashbuckling British adventurer and action freak. Moon later admits to James Bond that "Gustav Graves" was an imitation of James Bond, whom he hates, but still grudgingly admires. Imitation is the best form of flattery, so the saying goes.

What kind of message is this sending to the audience anyway? That Asians, first chance they get, would choose to be white? That the yellow man is inferior to the white man and can only hope to emulate him? James Bond films have a history of putting down men of color.

I'm glad it got boycotted in South Korea, though not exacly for the reasons I mentioned above.

June 2003