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Pet Sins January 2006

Attitudes of superiority from white mothers of black/white biracial children

I am a white woman who lives in a Midwestern town. I do not have issues with blacks dating whites or whites dating blacks. I do however have issues with large, unattractive white females who have given birth to children of color thinking the world owes them something. Just because a white woman has a child of mixed race does not make her better then a white woman or a black woman who has children that are not mixed. I have white children but have dated African American men. That does not make me special.

There are many white women here who have children of mixed heritage. Some of these women think the world should stoop to their feet because they have mixed kids. I am sorry but I am just as good as these women and African American women are just as good as these women! If you want to have mixed kids thats fine but remember it does not make you or your kids any better then anyone else and the world does not not owe you anything extra!