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Pet Sins November 2006

Ernest Darkoh - cofounder of Broadreach Healthcare, a company working to improve health care access worldwide

Dr Ernest Darkoh was born in the US to Ghanaian parents and raised in Kenya and Tanzania. He returned to the US for college. After Harvard Medical School, Darkoh went on to get a master's degree in public health and an MBA before joining McKinsey & Co., a leading American management consulting firm. Ernest Darkoh's unique qualifications positioned him to set up Masa, Africa's first national antiretroviral program, when the Botswana government hired McKinsey & Co. to create a plan for a large scale AIDS treatment program. Darkoh started from scratch, with hardly any supporting infrastructure, in the face of many doubters who believed Africa's HIV/AIDs problem to be insurmountable.

Darkoh took the approach of designing solutions that can meet the scope of problem which is HIV/AIDS in Africa, instead of making scattered, non-scalable efforts which do good to a limited number of people. Within three years Darkoh had established the largest AIDS treatment program in the entire continent of Africa. He is recognized as a leading world authority on AIDS in Africa. Ernest Darkoh went on to establish BroadReach Healthcare, a private company with the goal of improving health care access worldwide.

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