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Pet Sins November 2006

Nii Narku Quaynor - high tech entrepreneur establishes first SWIFT, Internet and Commerce networks in West Africa

Nii Quaynor came to the US for his college education, and graduated with a PhD in Computer Science from SUNY Stonybrook in 1977. He worked with DEC for 14 years before taking his expertise home to Ghana in 1991. There, as founder of Network Computer Systems, he brought Value Added Networks in the West African region through the introduction of the SWIFT, Internet and Commerce networks. Beyond West Africa, other countries such as Swaziland and Ethiopia also received Quaynor's assistance.

Dr Nii Quaynor's other pioneering achievements include the 1979 founding of a a new computer science center at the University of Cape Coast, where he served as head of the department and senior lecturer. Dr Quayor also taught in Italy, China, Colombia, Sri Lanka and Mexico.

A recognized international leader in IT, Dr Nii Quaynor is a member of the United Nations Secretary General Advisory Group on ICT, African Director of ICANN, the Chairman of the OAU Internet Task Force, Chairman of the AfriNIC and member of the Worldbank Infodev TAP.

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