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Pet Sins March 2006

Different standards of PC speech for blacks and whites?

There was a story on my local news channel a while ago about a white teacher who was admonished for using the 'n*' word on a black student. It turned out that he was using the 'n*' word as an illustrative example for explaining to a student why the 'f*' word for gays is derogatory. So he was basically saying if you don't like people to call you the n-word, then don't call others the f-word.

But civil rights organizations took the thing out of context and jumped on him, asking for an apology. It really frustrates me to see people making such a big deal out of a small case (of course the n-word is offensive, but given the context, anyone can see the teacher didn't mean it as a personal slur on the student) especially when the same people who are jumping all over the teacher because of the n-word are remarkably silent about the student's use of the f-word for gays. There should be accountability, but it shouldn't be one-sided.

I know that many disagree with me, but sometimes I feel blacks can get away with saying whatever they want without the same censure that whites receive - what about all those misogynistic terms that certain black artistes regularly use on the radio? That is offensive to me and to many women, and though there are complaints, the level of public outcry is hardly anywhere near to what we got for that n-word.

There is a debt to be paid for slavery, but America seems to be 'paying' it in the wrong way - coddling people on the level of words but not making any real restitution that can change people's lives.