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Pet Sins March 2007

Under The Bombs

This 2009 film was Lebanon’s entry for Best Foreign Film at the Academy Awards. It is the story of two strangers maneuvering through the 33 Day War between Lebanon and Israel in 2006.

Zeina, a Shi'ite expatriate living in Dubai, UAE, returns to Lebanon in search of her son Khalil, whom she had sent to live with her relatives in southern Lebanon. She hires Tony, a local Christian taxi driver, to take her from war-torn Beirut to southern Lebanon.

Tony is reluctant to make the trip because of the physical obstacles along the way, and the peacekeeping armies in their path. However, he changes his mind after hearing about Khalil’s situation.

The road trip from Beirut to southern Lebanon, considered the stronghold of Hezbollah, tests both their patience and strength. But as they journey through the devastated Lebanese countryside, a bond begins to grow between these two very different individuals...

Apr 2011