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Pet Sins May 2007

Deben Bhattacharya - world renowned ethnomusicologist

There is astereotype that it is only white people of European descent who can travel the world studying other cultures. The work of Indian musicologist Deben Bhattacharya refutes that stereotype. Bhattacharya is an internationally renowned musicologist who documented the musical cultures of 30 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. He has made recordings in Mauritania, China, Nepal, Afghanistan, Tibet, Indonesia, Syria, Thailand, Israel, as well as his native India.

The late Deben Bhattacharya (1921-2001) hailed from a Bengali family settled in Benares. He did much work with UNESCO and gained international recognition as an authority on folk music, dance and poetry. Bhattacharya produced more than 30 films and 130 LPs, as well as many books and articles.

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