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Pet Sins May 2007

Greetings - Nubian oud master Hamza El Din sings duet with Japanese diva Shizuru Ohtaka

A Wish

Greetings is the opening track on Hamza El Din's 1999 album A Wish. In Greetings, Japanese diva Shizuru Ohtaka sings a duet in Arabic with Nubian oud master Hamza El Din. According to album literature, Ohtaka listed Hamza El Din as one of her major influences and dedicated her 1998 release Home to him.

Hamza El Din passed away in 2006. He was originally from southern Egypt (Nubia) and taught music at universities in the United States and Japan. For his obituary, see Hamza El Din, Father of Nubian Music, Dies on nationalgeographic.com