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Pet Sins April 2008

Nujabe's collaborations with Western Rap/Hip Hop/RnB artistes

Japanese DJ and producer Nujabes' first album Metaphorical Music (2003) features the work of US hip hop, rap and RnB artistes.

Track 1 Blessing It employs the talents of American MC and lyricist Substantial and fellow hip hop artist Pase Rock.

Track 8 Think Different again features Substantial.

Track 3 Lady Brown and Track 5 Highs 2 Lows features the talent of hip hop artiste Cise Star.

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Nujabes' 2005 jazz/hip hop album Modal Soul features Cise Star and Akin from Cyne on Track 1 "Feather". American singer/songwriter Terry Callier appears on Track 2 "Ordinary Joe".

Substantial returns in Track 6 "Eclipse" and Pase Rock makes a reappearance in Track 7 "The Sign".

Track 8 "Thank you" features Apani B, the New York MC who is a founding member of the hip hop super-group Polyrhythm.

Nujabes' 2003 compilation CD First Collection - Hyde Out Productions also contains the work of many Western hip hop/rap artistes. British rapper Funky DL contributes Track 2 "Don't Even Try It" and appears with Nujabes on Track 13 "Peoples Don't Stray." Track 3 "Strive" features Apani B-Fly.

Substantial's contribution is Track 4 "Home Sweet Home". He also appears with Japan-born Korean artiste L'Universe on Track 8 "Lyrical Terrorists". Five Deez contribute their talents on Track 10 "It's About Time" (Fat Jon Remix) and Track 11 "Plazma Avenue." Track 12 "D.T.F.N." features the work of socially-conscious hip hop group Cyne.

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