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Pet Sins July 2008

Southeast Asian Queer Cinema

Southeast Asian film with gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender themes

Arisan (2003, Indonesia)
Arisan (The Gathering) revolves around the 'arisan' (social meeting group) of wealthy female socialites in Jakarta. Memey half-heartedly attends the meetings while her seemingly ideal life crashes around her. She finds solace in her best friend Sakti, not knowing that he is gay. Sakti, meanwhile struggles to come out to his friend but fears hurting his family.

Arisan official site
Arisan on imdb.com

Be with Me (2005, Singapore)

Be with Me consists of three intersecting stories of affection and alienation, one of which follows the agonized appeal of a high school girl to her female lover who is intent on break up.

Be with Me on movieexclusive.com
Be with Meon imdb.com

Beautiful Boxer (2003, Thailand)
Based on the true story of Thailand's transgender kickboxing champion Nong Toom, Beautiful Boxer tells the story of a boy who enters the macho world of Muay Thai so that he could earn money for his gender reassignment surgery.

Beautiful Boxer official site
Beautiful Boxer official US site

Masahista (2005, Philippines)

In Masahista (The Masseur), a young man Iliac barely makes a living working in a gay massage parlor in Manila. When his alcoholic father dies, Iliac must return to his family in the province of Pampanga for his father's funeral...

Boys Don't Cry (or Shout) : The Masseur questions rather than protests on Asia Pacific Arts
The Masseur on Picture This

Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros (2005, Philippines)

Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros or The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros is the tale of a young queer slum kid who develops a crush on a handsome policeman.

The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros official site
The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros review on slantmagazine.com

Satree Lex (2000, Thailand)
The Iron Ladies (Satree Lex) is based on the true story of a volleyball team consisting largely of MTF and gay men. The comedy was a hit in Thailand and other Asian countries, at some point it was the second highest grossing film in Thai movie history, and the most popular foreign film in Japan.

The Iron Ladies on wikipedia.
The Iron Ladies on imdb.com

Macho Dancer (1988, Philippines)
A young rural man travels to Manila to seek a job but finds himself working as a prostitute in order to survive.

Macho Dancer on imdb.com
Mingling Sex and Politics In a Gay Bar in Manila New York Times review

The Last Full Show (2004, Philippines)

The Last Full Show is a short film about a gay man Gardo who meets a teen boy easily 20 years his junior. Their attraction is immediate, but Gardo doesn't progress much beyond a kiss and a show of paternal concern.

Last Full Show wins Best Short at Turin International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
The Last Full Show review on planetout.com

inter.m@tes (2004, Philippines)

Featuring a cast of Filipino actors and models, the story centers on a group of gay internet friends who get embroiled in a fatal turn of events after one of their associates has a fling with an actor.

inter.m@tes at 2004 Intertional Gay and Lesbian Film and Video Festival in Manila
inter.m@tes on imdb.com

This listing is not intended to be exhaustive. There are many more Filipino gay movies available through amazon.com.

Southeast Asian Queer Film Festivals

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This listing is not intended to be exhaustive. Feel free to send more links.