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Pet Sins September 1999

Latino Family denied service in Chinese restaurant

I witnessed a Latino (Mestizo) family being denied equal service in a Chinese restaurant. Their waiter refilled the glasses of white and Asian (mostly East Asian/Southeast Asian) customers regularly, while deliberately avoiding the Latino table.

This went on for many refilling trips. The father of the family asked for water a few times and got a phony smile from the waiter in response. The waiter then went back to other waiters and told them it was ok to make that family wait a bit.

I went to the kitchen to get water for them but was not allowed to enter.Meanwhile, the father was getting angrier and angrier. He just sat there and didn't eat anything while his family ate.

Later, as the family finished their meal and prepared to leave, the smiling waiter appeared and gave them water. He patted the young Latino child on the head and said "How cute".I was already sick to the stomach and that last hypocritical touch made me want to puke.I NEVER went back to that establishment. Later, that restaurant closed down.

Good riddance.

C, West Coast