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Pet Sins September 1999

Korean attacks non-Korean Asian for aiding Korean charity

A Korean American lesbian friend with was requesting aid in soliciting donations for the famine in North Korea. I obliged her and politely approached a Korean co-worker for donations. He asked me where I had obtained the solicitation. I said it was from a Korean American lesbian activist. He shouted, "I don't want to hear about your lesbian thing".

I tried to explain to him that the solicitation was not for lesbians but for the famine in North Korea. He then shouted at me "If I want to do anything, it will be with my government and my people! What the hell are you, [insert nationality]?" I told him that it shouldnÂ’t matter who was requesting aid for whom, that I would be happy if African Americans worked for Asian American causes.

The co-worker then followed me into the hallway shouting that I was rudely forcing him to make a donation. In my opinion, even if the solicitation was inappropriate, he could have refused it without attacking my sexual orientation or nationality.

non-Korean Asian (dark-skinned), USA

Comment from 'Chinese woman, West Coast '
A Filipina lady asked me to help raise money for a Filipino charitable cause. I sold raffle tickets to other Filipino acquaintances. All of them (unrelated individuals) obliged me without employing the kind of racial slurs described above. Certainly nobody had any problem with me being a non-Filipino.