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Pet Sins October 2000

Sky Surfers

Sky Surfers is a cartoon series about an multiracial team of 5 super heroes - the main blond hero, a white cowboy, a Japanese American sword fighter, a black airman, and one more white dude.

Some questionable points
  • The opening sequence of the cartoon shows how each team member puts on his/her sky surfer outfit. Of course this had to include a rotating bust shot of the Japanese female. None of the male characters got bust shots or butt shots. Why is there a need for this sort of camera shot in a cartoon targeted at young children?
  • The shot of all the sky surfers flying usually shows the black man and the Japanese woman in the back.
  • In the first episode, the Japanese woman and black male got tricked by the bad guy. No one else on the team was deceived.
  • When there has to be female baddie to be taken out, the female heroine is invariably the one to take her on. This may encourage an already-existing social trend of women viewing other women mainly as potential adversaries/competition instead of potential allies. Or perhaps imply, by extension, a 'minority' person's 'natural enemies' are minorities from the same group. In real life, this mentality manifests in some women (or other 'minorities) relating to others of "their kind" negatively with mainly competitive / antagonistic dynamics instead of forming positive mutually beneficial alliances.
  • Sky Surfers follows the larger media trend in making the token black character a male and the token East Asian character a female. Black females and yellow males as part of the regular cast are still very rare compared to black males and yellow females.

Trivialitis, trivialities, some say. Why are we picking at these? Because the minds of children are fully capable of picking up subtleties - a child of color may look at these images and conclude that the place of people of color is in the background, people of color are not as smart, or a woman's assets are in her bustline.