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Pet Sins November 2000

Korean man objectifies white American women

I overheard a Korean coworker making some off-color comments:

Before I came here, I thought American women were all beautiful like in the movies. I learnt English only so that I can pick up American girls. But when I came here, I was so disappointed. The white girls are mostly fat and ugly. Also, the Americans don't know how to dress. I think people in Korea are more American than people in America. We dress better and more stylish... I am an educated Korean, not a vulgar American.

Needless to say, I was shocked and began to have serious doubts about that individual's character. Ironically, the same person was overheard on later occasions complaining about how Westerners don't have enough respect for Koreans. Well, maybe he should try showing respect for others at the same time he demands respect for himself.


Comment from ' Anonymous '
Does anyone else notice the arrogance of this foreigner in declaring himself and his culture as the ULTIMATE authority on AMERICAN culture. Who decides what is American? Is it not the Americans themselves? Asians who do that should stop complaining about how Americans objectify their culture and women. I believe in immigrant rights and foreign workers' rights but immigrants have to show respect for the American people too. It goes both ways.