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Pet Sins March 2000

American, Hong Kong and mainland Chinese women's opinions on blacks

The following is a list of observations made by various Chinese individuals about blacks when they thought no one was listening. They are saddening, but sobering. Much as I appreciate Chinese culture, I have to face the fact that not all non-Chinese will be equally welcome by the Chinese community:

Chinese born and raised in Hong Kong

This young woman, in US for college, was watching an African college student dancing at a school concert. She noted that the dancer's breasts jiggled as she pranced about the stage. The Chinese woman remarked African dancing is vulgar, and that Western ballet and Chinese classical dance are more tasteful. When the student next to her confronted her about the racism implicit in this statement, the Hong Kong woman said, "Don't you know that this sort of dancing is deliberately meant to incite lust in men? How can you defend it? By the way, just because I don't like the culture doesn't mean I discriminate against the people or won't be friends with them."

Chinese born and raised in China, PRC

This young woman, in the US for college, was heard muttering "Escape from Africa" while leaving the dining hall of a dorm. There was a group of African (not American) students in the dining hall who sat at a single table. They were talking and laughing.

Chinese who migrated from HK at age 10 and gained US citizenship

This woman, in her late 20s, said, "It is a fact that blacks are not as smart as Asians or whites. Just look at the test scores. Asians are always tops. Next are the whites. Blacks are always at the bottom. It is true that the brains of blacks are smaller. There is research that proves that."

Comment from ' Anonymous '
That comment about blacks having smaller brains is from an outdated piece of research done by some white guy with an agenda. This "researcher" deliberately stacked the samples with short non-whites and tall whites. Of course people of smaller built generally have smaller craniums than bigger people. And cranium size is not an accurate measure of intelligence anyway.

Comment from ' White American'
The views expressed are really appalling, but I would like to say that people can, and do, change their opinions. I had a white boyfriend who used to make ethnic jokes when I first met him. But I got on his case, and after a while, he was able to stand up to his family members when they made inappropriate jokes and tell them why they shouldn't be doing this.