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Pet Sins May 2000

PHONE HOME FOR FAMILIES - fight assault on gay adoption

ACLU - On Tuesday, March 7, the Mississippi House Judiciary Committee passed one of the most sweeping anti-gay-adoption bills ever proposed. It would ban lesbians and gay men from adopting-and prevent the state from recognizing such adoptions from other states. The bill may now come before the full House for a vote. This weekend, current and former residents of Mississippi will be "phoning home"-calling the House Speaker and House members at home to explain that this bill would have devastating effects on children statewide, who are languishing in foster care waiting to be adopted. Tell House members that the bill is unconstitutional and, if passed, will be challenged and struck down in federal court. Tell House Speaker Tom Ford the same, and ask him not to allow the bill to be brought for a vote in the House.

Call and e-mail House Speaker Tom Ford, at home (662-365-8452) or at work (662-842-8945). Follow the call up with an e-mail to: mailto:tford@mail.house.state.ms.us (Calls and e-mails should come only from people who live in the state, used to live there or have friends or family there.) Contact information and District locations are available at:


Information on the Mississippi bill and lesbian and gay adoption can be found on the "Families Under Fire" section of the ACLU's web site, http://www.aclu.org/.

To have a full set of talking points and contact information for House members e-mailed or faxed to you, simply e-mail eferrero@aclu.org. Please forward this message. In Mississippi, as few as 10 calls can impact a House member's vote.

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Thursday, March 09, 2000 11:54 AM