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Pet Sins May 2000

Asians ignored in GLBT Cyber Communities

One thing I've noticed about online US GLBT communities associated with groups that meet in physical reality, as opposed to a purely online community, is how members who are known to be people of color are often treated as invisible.

I've seen this multiple times in one community I'm on. It consists of both men and women, and its main purpose is sharing information and giving local support. (NOT a dating group) Posts by different people of color are routinely ignored, while posts of a much more trivial nature by white members get many responses.


Comment from ' G.M. '
This might not be unique to groups that meet in real life. Purely virtual GLBT social circles can have the same issues. The following experience was shared by an Asian acquaintance: "In gay chat rooms online, sometimes I would start chatting with an individual. The person would describe their physical appearance like brown hair, blue eyes etc, or they would ask me where I'm from. When I had to describe my appearance and where I'm from, people would excuse themselves and leave. At first I thought it was nothing but after it happened a few times I think it is because of my race. "