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Pet Sins May 2000

Queer Latino did not want white woman on Latino show

My friends (Latina and white) were in charge of a show on Latino/Latina everyday issues. They were trying to get guests for the show kind of last minute and this one guy who is an amazing playwright and director - Queer Latino said, "if there is a white woman on the show I won't feel comfortable."

The show was planned in part by a white woman, and there was a guest scheduled who was white. It was understandable to some degree that the guy would feel less comfortable if a white woman was on the show. He also had a problem because he was the only male guest. But we also felt that white people need to be involved in the dialogue too. The topic "Racism in the Queer Community" cannot exist without involving white people in dialogue.

Anyway many other dynamics made this whole thing blow up - racism as a topic of discussion is heated and personal, and Queerness on top of that. (A lot of the people who usually participated in planning the show didn't offer to help on this one - people have queer issues)

California native