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Pet Sins June 2000

The Protector

Jackie Chan stars in this 1985 movie as an American police detective whose investigation of a drug-related kidnapping takes him to Hong Kong.

In one scene, Jackie's European American partner (played by Danny Aiello) talks excitedly about his past adventures in Hong Kong, "And the women, OH the WOMEN..." Jackie Chan just smiles amusedly at his friend's Asian fetish. In another scene, the 2 cops go to a massage parlor, where a sex worker strips herself for Danny Aiello. The European American proceeds to bare himself. Jackie Chan again, is just smiling amusedly, observing the white man's libido in action.

No US movie featuring a white male lead would forgive an Asian character exhibiting similar attitudes towards white women. In American movies, Asian men who have sexual uses for white women are always portrayed as sex maniacs, cruel perverts, pimps or all-in-one. A prime example is Cary-Hiroyuki Ito in Showdown in Little Tokyo.

It is worth noting that "The Protector" does not give Jackie Chan's character the chance to display a libido equivalent to that of his white co-star.