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Pet Sins June 2000


Supercop was released in Asia as Police Story III in 1992. Martial arts superstars Jackie Chan and Michelle Yeoh star in this martial arts-action-cop movie. This movie has been very popular throughout Asia, and was shown in Asian countries all the way from Turkey to Japan.


Jackie Chan and Michelle Yeoh star as 2 undercover cops on a mission to bust an Asian-run narcotics syndicate. Their chase leads them all the way from China to Thailand and Malaysia, where Chinese drug lords keep a group of perpetually-stoned Euro-descent women around as willing guinea pigs for new drugs.

It is worth noting that in an otherwise all-Asian setting, the drug addicts are all European-descent women. In Enter the Dragon, the 1973 movie starring Bruce Lee, we see a similar theme of a Chinese drug lord holding white women in his stronghold for narcotics quality assurance testing. The superficial, self-indulgent Western woman seems to be a recurring stereotype.