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Pet Sins July 2000

Japanese women in Australia treat white men with favor

I read a couple of your postings regarding about white people being treated with favor in Japan. Anyway, I found a very strange phenomenon here in Australia. Let me start by saying that I discovered all this from a Japanese language teacher (she is a Japanese female, about early to mid 30s). She told us in class that she is never married. One day I walked past a kindergarten and saw her with a Eurasian child. She told me that this was her daughter. I was surprised because she is not married.

As I stayed longer in Australia (Sydney), I discovered that there are very many Japanese females here (often working as language teachers) having children out of wedlock with people of European descent. The men are always not around. However, these women do not seem to mind (I talked to a few of them).

Chinese living in Australia
June 2001