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Pet Sins July 2000

Looking past human-made identities and remembering our common origin

It was with great interest that I read through a couple of the articles on your site dealing with the mysteries surrounding the obvious bias and double standards involved in interracial relationships (in particular towards those of African American descent), and so I felt compelled to pitch in my two cents and express some of my own personal views from a so-called "African American" point of view.

Believe it or not, everything we have ever known here on earth, or in the heavens surrounding this glorious planet of ours, is simply a byproduct of the nebulae of gases and molecules which came to form after the Big Bang occured some 16 billion years ago. This of course means that Whites, Europeans, Blacks, Coloureds, Negroes, African Americans, Asians, Asian Americans, Indians, Native American Indians, South Americans, North Americans, Jews, Arabs, Latinos, Hispanics, mixtures of any of the above in any shape, form or fashion, Females, Males, Lesbians, Gays, Homosexuals, Bisexuals and any other beings which probably exist in other realms of our universe are ALL the result of gigantic swirling clouds of matter and dust, some of which eventually became the solar system and planets that we know today.

I guess what I am trying to say is that all of the racial biases and categories that we have created for ourselves and for others throughout time are, in reality, TOTALLY trivial issues. It is truly unfortunate that we human beings, considered to be the most intelligent life form both on and around this planet, cannot overcome something as trivial as racial bias. And while we all look different and have been classified as being this, that or the other solely as a result of the differences in our appearances, we still have, nevertheless, one single, common origin.

So let's try not to base our choice of a partner for a relationship on a trivial categorization of his/her appearance- just find a human being with whom you are compatible and whom you find interesting, and let nature run its course. After all, who's going to give a hoot about it anyway in a thousand years or so when we're all gone and have returned to the dust and ashes from which we once came?