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Pet Sins September 2000

First generation Chinese Americans make fun of international student's accent

I'm an international student of Chinese descent. Two Chinese girls, Gina and Nan, in one of my classes would imitate my Chinese accent and laugh at me after class, and within my hearing too. When I told them it wasn't nice, they put on a phony face of condescending compassion. Gina is Hong-Kong born and Nan is China-born. They both migrated to the US when they were 10 or 12 years old. Why are they making fun of my alien qualities when they only got here a few years before? And what's wrong with a foreigner who speaks like a foreigner anyway?

Those two would bend over backwards to gain access to white American society. They were seen feeding grapes into a white guy's mouth at a college party. White women and Asian women alike were disgusted with them and considered them a disgrace to womankind.

Comment from 'Chinese American'
I knew this China woman from college who also tried very hard to lose her accent, and she was very successful at it too. She was one of those unscrupulously ambitious types who worked very hard to be successful in the U.S., but not always in the right way. She works at a large prestigious firm now. She would go around the office offering to give back rubs to higher ranking white guys, and also white women. And she would ignore the Asians. Anything to get ahead.