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Pet Sins September 2000

Asian women fight each other for white men's favor

When I first started work at [company name], I was glad to see one other Asian woman there, an attractive Korean lady, in my department. I thought we could be friendly, so I took the initiative to approach her and talk to her. However, she was very cold and showed no interest in speaking to me. So I thought, maybe she's not the sociable sort. But then I noticed she is very friendly to the whites and very popular with them.

I brought this up to an Asian guy friend. He said, "Before you arrived, she was the only Asian woman in the department. And you know how many white guys have this Asian fetish, to a lesser or greater degree, and an Asian woman can count on this factor to be popular. So here she is, the sole Asian goddess to an adoring crowd of white boys, and when you arrived, she no longer occupies the unique position of THE Asian woman in this company. She sees you as competition, that is why she is mean to you.


Comment from 'Chinese woman, West Coast '
I had experiences similar to that too: other Asian women who look daggers at me when I walk into the room. They don't feel threatened by white women or Asian men. But another Asian woman is seen as someone who can usurp that special place yellow women occupy in the hearts of white men. The kind of woman who acts this way is usually the kind who likes to be popular with white men. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying Asian women shouldn't date white men. I'm saying the motivations of some women are questionable - they seek the favor of whites more eagerly than they seek the favor of non-whites. (if they even acknowledge non-whites at all)