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Pet Sins January 2001

White woman supports WMAW above AMWW

I had a Euro-American ex-classmate who had studied in Japan for some years, and loves Japanese culture. She is almost celebratory about WMAW families. She gushes on and on about how lovely the children are, how neat it was that they combine different cultural traditions in their family, etc. She seemed to me like a nice open- minded person at first. But when people casually ask her why there aren't as many AMWW families, she gets very defensive and comes up with some reasons which aren't polite to repeat in a public forum.

So it became apparent to me that she only supports certain kinds of interracial couples, and doesn't show the same respect for others. I've heard similar stories from people of various races - a friend told me of some white men who told her they are only interested in dating Asian women, but not black women.