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Pet Sins November 2001

European American harasses Turkish international student in public park

A Turkish student was walking with 2 friends in a public park in the US when a white male rode up in a bike. He tried to drive the bike between the Turkish student and her friends. When the student and her friends stepped off the path to let him pass, he stopped and asked where she was from. He seemed inebriated.

When she said she was from Turkey, the white guy started telling her about how he used to be stationed in Turkey when he was in the US military. He said the US had sent the Turks 2 large containers of red paint and white paint to paint a tower white and red-striped. But the Turks had misunderstood and mixed the paint. He thought it was funny they painted the tower pink instead.

Anyway the Turkish student asked him, since he had been in Turkey, could he tell her where it was. He started to stutter and it became apparent he knew nothing at all. He became angry and rode off shouting, "Go back to where you came from!"