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Pet Sins November 2001

Islam Denounces Terrorism

A Muslim educated in the fine moral teaching of the Qur'an, approaches everyone with the love that Islam expects. He shows respect for every idea. A Muslim lends beauty to the world and improves it. In societies composed of individuals such as this, there will be a higher civilization, a higher social morality, more joy, happiness, justice, security, abundance and blessings than in the most modern nations of the world today.

To state briefly, the religion of Islam and the moral teaching of the Qur'an are not the supporters of terrorism and the terrorists. Islam is a religion that came down to offer humanity a life filled with the peace and well-being in which God's eternal mercy and compassion is manifested in the world.

I became aware of a website www.islamdenouncesterrorism.com . In my opinion, everyone should take a look at it as it explains the Muslims' real thoughts about Islam.

GB, Istanbul, Turkey