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Pet Sins June 2001

Ugly white men adored in Japan

One frustrating thing I observe in Japan is how some totally ugly European-descent men from North America come to Japan and easily get wives and girlfriends. I don't mean "ugly" in the physical sense. I mean their personality, character, everything. The most mundane, uninteresting white men go to Japan and are treated like gods.

Many of these men heard about how well they would be adored in Japan because of their whiteness, and because of that they chose to go there. These are men with low self-esteem who couldn't distinguish themselves in North America, so they feel they have to go to Japan to get their egos boosted.

And it is very unfortunate that many Japanese woman who have good personal qualities choose to waste themselves on these undeserving white men. Wouldn't it bother you if someone was with you for your race and not for your personality? The fact the men accept that kind of relationship says a lot about what kind of men they are.

European American expat, Japan

Comment from 'T'
I heard that the US Census 2000 shows 40% of Japanese present in the United States marry European-Americans and this is supposedly the highest intermarriage rate for among the different Asian groups in America.

Comment from 'K'
Here's another story So Arrogant which shows how the lowest of the low among European-descent men - a drug-dealer and convicted child molester (of his own son, at that) - can go to Asia and pimp women, and still find a faithful (or dependent) wife who does not (or cannot) leave him even after his crimes have been exposed.