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Pet Sins September 2001


Brandy and Paolo, Picture © ABC

This is probably the first motion picture with an African American girl/Asian American boy romantic couple created by a major studio (in this case Disney). [Fakin' Da Funk, a story involving a Chinese boy and an African American girl, was released in the same year but it is an independent film with limited distribution.]

People of color from various backgrounds have enjoyed this modern multiracial version of an old European tale. Is it a coincidence that the Executive Producer of this TV musical is Whitney Houston, a woman of color?

Whitney Houston's Cinderella is like a movie like no other in many ways. This movie has resonated with many minorities. Brandy Norwood stars in the title role, and Filipino American newcomer Paolo Montalban plays the Prince. How often do young black women get to a romantic leading lady in the U.S.? How many good-looking Asian guys has the American movie industry ever cast in a non-sidekick role?