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Pet Sins September 2001

One Night Stand

This 1997 film from New Line Cinema has been praised for its non-stereotypical portrayals of black and Asian sexuality. Purportedly, the film breaks with the Hollywood stereotypes of the hyper-masculine, oversexed black male, and the submissive, sexually passive yellow female.

The plot centers on the life of an African American man (played by Wesley Snipes) and his Asian wife Mimi (Mingna Wen). Mimi, the sexually aggressive partner, initiates sexual demands on her husband. Their marriage, however, dissolves in the wake of Snipe's affair with a white woman. To cut the long story short, Snipes ends up with the white woman while Mingna Wen takes up with a white man in the end. Considering that the film starts out with a rarely portrayed interracial couple - the black-man-yellow-woman combination, it is somewhat a letdown when One Night Stand ends with this uncommon union breaking up and settling into the more "common" pairings of black-man-white-woman and white-man-yellow-woman.

Although it is probably unintended, the viewer may come away with the message that the black-Asian union was doomed from the start, and that people of color are "destined" to pair with white partners.