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Pet Sins January 2002

'Genetic' arguments can cut both ways

This article is not intended to claim black genetic superiority over other races. It merely intends to illustrate how "genetic" arguments can be twisted to serve the purposes of people who have certain ideologies which have no scientific basis.

Many people of non-European descent have become influenced by European prejudices and suggest "genetic" concerns, directly or indirectly, when it comes to choosing white spouses. Among Asians, there is a widespread perception that blacks genetically less inclined to intelligence than other races. Some Latin American communities even refer to marrying white as "improving the race".

Among American Indian nations, there has also been a history of prejudice against blacks. In Scott Malcolmson's book One Drop of Blood, Cherokee nationalist David Cornsilk describes the racial prejudices he learnt from white relatives during his childhood, "I had a hard time even going to a restaurant and seeing a black person cooking, and thinking 'Ecchh, I don't want to eat after that person had handled that food.' I think back on that person that I was and it just makes me sick." Now Cornsilk advocates for the inclusion of black Cherokees in the nation. According to Cornsilk, " ... in order to get onto the [Cherokees] by blood section of the roll, your Cherokee blood, if you were part black, had to come through your mother." but most black Cherokees are descended from a Cherokee man with a black woman, and thus their descendents would be defined as black rather than Cherokee. Cornsilk has been called 'n----r-lover for challenging the rule that "didn't apply to people if they were part white or part Chinese or whatever, but it applied to people that were black... They claimed it as the Cherokee's matrilineal descent, you know, that historically we've always traced through the mother. But they didn't apply it across the board. They resurrected it to apply to the blacks." [Malcolmson pp121-122]

Many whites also quote "genes" when choosing Asian, Native American, Latin American spouses over black spouses. I don't know where they get the idea that blacks are "genetically inferior". Africa is the most genetically diverse of all continents, and if people believe in the "genetic diversity breeds intelligence" argument, black Africans are naturally poised to be the most intelligent.

The crude arguments on race and genes so often used against blacks in casual conversation can be easily deployed to support the argument of black genetic superiority too:

Natural Selection

Of all the populations in the Americas, the one subjected to the most rigorous selection process is the black population. An estimated 20 million died during the Middle Passage. Only the mentally and physically strongest survived the journey from Africa. On arrival to the Americas, the survivors were further subjected to mass rape, torture, hard labor and physical/emotional abuse. Many died or commited suicide. Those who survived in this harsh environment arguably must be those who possessed the ideal combination of mental intelligence, emotional strength and physical endurance.

Other populations in the Americas are not subjected to the same degree of selection pressure with regards to intelligence and strength. Which can be argued to mean that non-black populations are genetically of "lower quality" than black populations.

Racial Mixing

"Hybrid vigor", a term more often used on plants, has also been used to describe the outstanding performance of mixed race individuals in any field of endeavor. It is a common belief that mixed race people are more intelligent, and combine the best qualities of various races. I don't know if that has any scientific basis, but I've heard this argument used often enough to glorify the Eurasian.

But non-blacks tend to forget that "blacks" in the Americas are the most genetically diverse of all American populations, having incorporated European and indigenous American bloodlines on a large scale. Thus, by the argument of "hybrid vigor", blacks must also be the most intelligent and beautiful.

So if non-black people of color are truly interested in "improving their gene pool", they should intermarry more with blacks than with whites. And if whites are really concerned about "preserving the quality of their gene pool", they should prefer black spouses to Asian or Latino spouses.


Comment from 'B'
I've never heard an Indian man (We generally consider semantics like "Native American" to distract from real issues.) say that genetics was a reason for the choice of no black women. Ditto for Indian women as a reason for a choice of no black men. (Hell, if the eugenists are to be believed, our IQs average [and remember, in white racist tradition, averages are all that matter, not variation within the 'race'] is slightly lower than blacks.) In fact, the ONLY genetic argument I've ever heard was, mostly from the smaller tribes, about incest, which applies to ANY outmarriage.