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Pet Sins November 2003

HIV/AIDS in Africa

Currently, Africa is the continent most devastated by AIDS. Out of the 40 million people living with HIV/AIDS in the world, 34 million are in Africa, and the numbers are rising daily.

According to The Foundation For Democracy in Africa's HIV-AIDS in Africa factsheet, 83% of all AIDS deaths since the epidemic started have been in Africa and about 95% of all AIDS orphans live in Africa.

Although Africans are disproportionately affected by the epidemic, they are also disproportionately left out of global strides in AIDS treatment. In The Nation June 2001 article Global Apartheid, Salih Booker and William Minter of Africa Action write:

The global pattern of AIDS deaths--2.4 million in sub-Saharan Africa last year, out of 3 million worldwide; only 20,000 in North America but most in minority communities--also evokes the racial order of the old South Africa. To date, access to lifesaving medicines and care for people living with HIV and AIDS have been largely determined by race, class, gender and geography. AIDS thus points to more fundamental global inequalities than those involving a single disease, illuminating centuries-old patterns of injustice. Indeed, today's international political economy--in which undemocratic institutions systematically generate economic inequality--should be described as "global apartheid."

The Impact of AIDS/HIV on African Lives

Christian Science Monitor article LOSING TEACHERS: How AIDS undercuts education in Africa


The Village Voice: The Virus Creates a Generation of Orphans

ABC News: Fractured Families:AIDS in Africa Creating Orphans by Thousands

CNN Special: AIDS: Africa in Peril

[This is not intended to be an exhaustive list.]

Efforts to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa

In South Africa, Christian Children's Fund is partnering with sangomas, traditional healers, in its HIV/AIDS prevention program. Patience Koloko, a hospital nurse who is also president of the 5000-member National Traditional Healer's Association of South Africa, offers HIV/AIDS prevention workshops to traditional healers through the CCF HIV/AIDS program in KwaZuluNatal. Koloko, a nurse for 14 years, covers the symptoms and diagnosis of HIV/AIDS, counseling of at-risk populations, the psychological impact of HIV/AIDS, as well as sensitivity and confidentiality in her program.[CCF Child World Fall 2003 Report].

Africa Action's Africa's Right to Health Campaign.

Journalists Against AIDS (JAAIDS) Nigeria - a media-based non-governmental organisation in Nigeria working in the field of HIV/AIDS and development.

Save Africa's Children - created in 2001 by Pan-African Children's Fund to response to the crisis of AIDS orphans or AIDS/HIV-positive children in the nations of sub-Saharan Africa

World Vision Africa's HIV/AIDS Hope project - country by country activity listing

United Methodist News Service: Surviving Child Trust offers hope to Africa's AIDS orphans

[This is not intended to be an exhaustive list.]